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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bottler Video

I have made several posts about honey melters or bucket heaters that will liquify granulated honey. This new video is about a stainless steel honey bottler. Bottlers work great for liquifying honey. It makes bottling honey fast and clean with no dripping from a honey gate.
 Stainless Steel bottlers are spendy starting at around $1200.00, but they do hold thier value very well. Used bottlers are hard to find. It is one item that beekeepers really hold on to.
 I did buy a used bottler nineteen years ago for $500.00. That same bottler that I still use today I could get $900.00 for it if I wanted to sell it. The only thing that wears out on them is the immersion heater or o - rings on the no drip bottling valve. I did purchase one immersion heater for my bottler since I have owned it. I have changed the o - rings once.
Double Click on the video for full screen. Press esc to downsize.