This blog explains how I keep bees. It works for me, it might not work for you. Use my methods at your own risk. Always wear protective clothing and use a smoker when working bees.

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Monday, February 1, 2021

This blog is moving

 To my readers, I am stepping back from my blog. I will be leaving this blog up. If you stumble across this blog, there are 15 years of archive posts that in most cases, will still apply to beekeeping today. Use the search bar if you are looking for something in particular.

I want to thank all my readers over the years who have used my posts to help them be successful in their beekeeping hobby. 

Nature's Nectar LLC will be taking over the blog and it will be now at their website.


 From Nature's Nectar LLC: 

We are excited to announce we have a new website!  If you haven't
purchased bee packages yet, you can do so right from the website.  If
you want the cash/check discount you can still download the order form
and mail it in or drop it by the store.  If you already mailed in your
order, please do not order from the website.

Currently, the only items for purchase on the site are the bee
packages.  Queens and equipment sales online will come later this
year, so if you click on those products nothing will be viewable at
this time.  The blog will also be housed on this website. 

We are so thrilled to have an online order option for the bee packages
we wanted to do a little giveaway.  The first 20 people that order
their bees online will get a free pollen pattie!  I will email each of
the winners directly.


Thank you,
Jessica & Tom Minser