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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Bird Count

I have just finished my part of the areas annual Christmas Bird Count. It is a national event that happens the last two weeks in Dec. This area, the northeast metro, does it on a Sat between Christmas and New Years day. I have been doing this for over twenty years. My charge is to watch my bird feeders all day and report my sightings. It is always interesting to see what types of birds I see. The key is to watch the feeders and surrounding area as much of the day as possible. Today I had a Robin and a Cedar Wax Wing that were here only for a moment. Had I not been watching I would have missed the sighting.
 The count is based on how many birds are at the feeders at any one time. 
My tally for the day:
12 - Cardinals
  8 - Chickadees
  1 - Cedar Waxwing
  3 - Crows
  4 - Downey Woodpeckers
  2 - Hairy Woodpeckers
  2 - Red Bellied Woodpeckers
  1 - Pileated Woodpecker
40 - Goldfinches
  6 - House Finches
  8 - Purple Finches
14 - Slate Colored Juncos
  4 - Pine Siskens
  1 - American Robin
  4 - Common Red Poll
  4 - Blue Jays
  6 - Mourning Doves
There was a Barred Owl near the feeders two days ago, and I heard it hooting before it was light yesterday morning. I don't know if that can be in the count or not.