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Monday, December 3, 2012

Making Creamed Honey

Creamed honey should be made by the end of this coming weekend if it is to be properly set by the holidays.
 I made 60 lbs of Cinnamon Creamed Honey this weekend. Two pails of honey that was just liqufied. It was a little too warm for adding the creamed honey seed. It had to let it sit and cool down to 95 degrees before I added the seed. The honey that I used was from western MN, the supers had a mixture of yellow sweet clover and sunflower honey. The moisture content was 14%. Even when the honey was warm it was very thick to stir.
 The seed was added when the honey cooled to 95 degrees. I couldn't find the seed I normally use at the grocery store. They were all sold out. Too many beekeepers making creamed honey this weekend I guess. I had to try another brand, I hope it works out.
 After I stirred in the seed, the honey was a consistent color throughout. I then stirred in the cinnamon powder. After that was all stirred in and thoroughly incorperated  I set it outside to cool down quickly. 
Of course I forgot it was on my deck and left it out all night.
  I brought it in in the morning. I checked it several hours later after it had warmed up. Low moisture honey and cool temperatures kicked everything into high gear.  The honey had all ready started to set. The jars were prepared and I started to bottle the honey. The consistency was already very thick and the pouring was slow going. Normally some of the cinnamon powder would have floated up to the top and would have to be skimmed off before bottling. With this thick honey all of the cinnamon stayed suspended and there was nothing to skim off. Hex jars were used for the bulk of the creamed honey, several plastic cups were also in the mix so I can tell when the creamed honey is set by squeezing the sides of the plastic containers. I think it will be ready by Friday.