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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flow Update

This is a flow update from the Stillwater area Fellow beekeeper Jerry Linser contributed to this report:

Just read your blog about the honey flow. We just now are finishing the flow from Amur Maple bushes and are starting the flow from the Black Locust trees. Driving the country side one can
see the tall Black Locust trees showing off their showy white blooms. This bloom lasts about 2 to 3 days or maybe longer with the cool weather.
Along the road edges the birdsfoot trifoil is just starting to bloom. Also near by in these same areas the yellow sweetclover is beginning to bloom as well. There is more white sweetclover coming along this season too, but will not be ready until the first or second week of July. The clover bloom should be better this year because of the rain, although it will be later than the last couple of years which were extremely early blooms.
I planted yellow sweetclover and dutch white clover this spring in hopes that it will provide some extra bloom for next season after it gets established this year. It is a good year to start new plantings of these because of the cool moist weather. Clover seeds are available at the farm store on HWY 36 and Ideal ave.
The farmer north of me has just cut his horse hay this week, so the second crop with alfalfa will be later as well, if at all.
The basswoods are a week or more out as well.