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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Christmas Bird count

Goldfinch on perch / Pine Siskens on tray
Wendy and I participated in the annual Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count. It is a national event that is done in the last two weeks of December. The local chapter here usually does their count on the last Saturday in December.
 We just watch our bird feeders all day looking for species of birds and the most of a species at the feeders at any one time. This can give bird researchers a tool to look at trends in bird populations over time.
Our count:
12 - Cardinals
9 - Purple Finches
15 - Goldfinches
4 - Mourning Doves
5 - Black Capped Chickadees
14 - Pine Siskens
4 - Downy Woodpeckers
2 - Hairy Woodpeckers
2 - Red Bellied Woodpeckers
2 - Pileated Wood Peckers
2 - White Breasted Nuthatch
2 - Red Breasted Nuthatch
2 - Blue Jays
2 - Slate Colored Juncos
Hairy Woodpecker (male)

White Breasted and Red Breasted Nuthatch

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Mrs and Mr Cardinal