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Thursday, December 20, 2018

2019 package bees Package Bees Update

Package bees being prepared for pick up

I should be getting my 2019 package bee prices out by mid January.
Talked to Olivarez Honey bees last week. They were near the big fire near Chico, California. Olivaerez Honey Bees run 16,000 colonies of bees. He had moved 12,000 colonies to Montana for honey production last summer. They had 4,000 colonies in the foot hills near Chico. They were not in the path of the fire. It was so smokey that the skies were very hazy. There was a pall of smoke in the air. The bees did not go out and forage because they could not get their bearing in relation with the sun. So they looked at the days as twilight. The bees were in fine condition, but they could not forage during these smokey days. So the bees had to be fed more than usual to bolster them for their winter. Ray told me his bees were in great shape and he was looking forward to another year of package bees and queens.
 Olivarez honey bees is probably one of the biggest package bee supplier in the country. He does have authorized distributors around the country.  They put out a quality product that is sought out by beekeepers who value his high quality queens.
Nature's Nectar LLC is the authorized Olivarez Honey Bees distributor in Minnesota. We are the only sellers of Saskatraz bees and queens in Minnesota.