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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Oxalic Acid Mite Treatment

Oxalic Acid has been approved in the United Sates for Varroa mite treatment.
More information about this new approved mitecide in the near future. Oxalic acid is inexpensive to use and easy to apply. The mites cannot get resistant to it.
Oxalic acid can be applied usually by drizzling a predetermined amount on the bees in the colony or by fumigating the colony with a specific size dose on a 12 volt hot plate stuck in the entrance of the hive.
This is a power point from Europe where Oxalic Acid has been used for years. We will not need a prescription from a Veterinarian and we will not be going to jail for two years. As the conclusion of the power point demonstration says.

This is the oxalic acid summery by Randy Oliver. He wrote this article several years ago. He stresses safety and accurate doses of Oxalic Acid to have the proper outcome. He also talks about formic acid and ApiGuard.

The next few months more information will be coming out on proper dosing and applications.