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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Basswood / Linden Trees

I was at the MN Hobby Beekeeper meeting tonight. There was a very good speaker who talked about raising his own queens to fill up his 500 colonies that he manages.
When I left I know that there are Basswood trees near the meeting place. I went to check them out to see where they were at as far as their flowering.
The trees have just opened their flowers.
Usually the trees in town are about a week ahead of mine. My Basswood trees have not flowered but the seed pods have yellowed from the green color they were at. I think they will bloom in a week. Normally my Basswoods bloom around July first, this nectar flow is two weeks ahead of schedule.
There is only one thing holding back this nectar flow and that is some heat.
Hopefully the weather can come up with a stretch of 80's will help.

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