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Friday, June 26, 2009

The nectar flow

My Catalpa tree is in full bloom. Usually when that is blooming the nectar flow has begun. I think everyone in the metro area should be seeing something.
If you don't have supers on, they have to go on NOW or your hive may become honey bound with no room for the queen to lay.
Anyone doing comb honey I would wait until honey is in the supers before putting on the comb honey frames.
The basswood and linden trees should be blooming within a week. If they produce a good flow everybody will be entering a perfect capped frame of honey (deep, medium, or both) in the State Fair. First prize is $75.00 in each of these two categories.
How to win? Enter online at the MN State fair website. Look in the premium book under bee class. Follow all the instruction in the category you are interested in.
This is competition so make it nice. It is fun to compete all your friends and family will come to the fair to see your entry.

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