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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A question about cold weather hiving of a package

I have a question about my honey bees

1. What can I do to keep them warm when they come April 11th? Last year I killed them (froze after I put the sugar water on them). Clearly I will not spray them with sugar water if it is below 45 degrees, but any other suggestions to keep them alive?

If you have some drawn comb when the bees come, at the time of installation you can spray sugar syrup into the cells of two frames. You don't have to fill the frames but spray the edges and along the top cells. You will feel the frames gaining the weight of the added syrup. After you put the bees in add these two frames to the center of the single deep box under the feeder pail. This should give the bees ample food to immediately produce heat to keep themselves warm. You can do the same thing with frames of honey. You should scratch open the sides of the frames with a capping scratcher exposing honey. The bees will have immediate food and can produce heat. Even if it is in the 30's.


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