This blog explains how I keep bees. It works for me, it might not work for you. Use my methods at your own risk. Always wear protective clothing and use a smoker when working bees.

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Cold Weather Moving In

The weather is going south for the short term. It would be a good idea to cover your hives now. It is going to turn windy with below normal temperatures.
Bees can handle cold with no problem. It is the cold wind that bites into a colony.
The cold weather was a surprise for most of us.  Many beekeepers have not treated with Oxalic Acid yet. Rainy weather on the weekends have cut into our treatment timing. Feeding with this cold weather may be impossible. The bees will be clustered off the feed and will more than likely not taking not taking syrup.
 It looks like late next week the temps may get into the 40's again, so hopefully the weather gives us a break for a few days so we can finish up our late fall bee work.