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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The late nectar flow

Right now some beekeepers may be getting nectar, some beekeepers may be not. If I was going to put a number on it. I would say that the nectar flow is 85% done for most of us. Any beekeepers with large fields of Alfalfa, Buckwheat or Purple Loosestrief are still getting a good flow. The rest of us, are getting the last stages of probably one of the best nectar flows in many years.
This is the nectar flow chart from Warner Nature's Center. It is from Paul Liedl, volunteer beekeeper from WNC. He has put together this hive on a scale that helps put the nectar flow in a calender setting, with the accumulation of nectar through the summer. Warner Nature's Center is more heavily wooded than the perfect bee location. But the bees do make it happen and did put up some honey.
This is what Paul said about his hive that is on a scale.

I was at Warner today and hive #3 is still gaining weight but at a much slower pace.  Total weight gain for the past week was only about 6 pounds.  As you can see from the attached graph the nectar flow stopped around 7/14 but started up again a week later at a much reduced rate.  Still not getting any goldenrod nectar even though they are beginning to blossom.  The attached graph is only plotting the maximum recorded weight each day.
Weekly chart of the nectar collection from Warner Nature's Center