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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Swarming and Nectar flow

Swarming is still a concern with 6 swarms I have heard of today.
The nectar flow is going, with many beekeepers reporting honey coming in. Basswoods are in full bloom in Edina on Wednesday. My Basswood trees have lost all their flower buds for some reason and will not flower thus year. I also did see Basswoods in the city of Stillwater with the same malady. Hard to say what it is but hope the can come back next season.
If your bees are not moving up into the supers your hive may have swarmed and the majority of the field bees have left.
 If you spot a capped queen cell the hive probably has swarmed. Don't cut it out. Leave it and that is going to be your new queen. She will start laying in about three weeks.
Open queen cells means the queen is in there and not mated yet.
So far this is may be one of the best nectar flows in a long time.
I hope it is as good as the one in '88.
We will be open on July 12th if anyone needs more supers by then.