This blog explains how I keep bees. It works for me, it might not work for you. Use my methods at your own risk. Always wear protective clothing and use a smoker when working bees.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

My honey flow update

Checked the scale tonight 199 lbs. It was 185 lbs on Wed evening it went up another 14 lbs in two days.
Driving around I have seen the explosion of flowers in my drive from Stillwater to Edina.
Birds Foot Trefoil, Vetch, Sumac. Also one of the major nectar producers in this part of the state is White Sweet Clover. It has just started blooming in Edina and I expect to see this all around the metro by next weekend.
What a difference a week makes. A week ago some beekeepers hives were starving and this week we need to put on more supers