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Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Varroa Treatment on the Horizon

This new formic acid formulation could revolutionize the treatment of Varroa. It is in a strip format. I have not seen a picture of it.
The strip goes on for 7 days. It kills Varroa on the bees and in capped cells. The bees will remove the strip or it can be removed and composted. It can even be applied during the nectar flow according to the literature because this product occurs already naturally in honey.
If this is the case beekeepers could treat for Varroa in late July and stop the rapidly increasing Varroa onslaught that happens in late summer.
This will greatly increase a hives ability to successfully survive the winter.
I don't know anything else about it but stay tuned for more information from the manufacturer and the EPA.
Here is the link explaining the product. http://www.miteaway.com/html/saving_the_honeybee.html