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Monday, June 17, 2013

Ramblings of whats happening in the bee world

Swarm Cell On Bottom Of Frame
The warmer weather has kicked up swarming into high gear. Swarm control is now on the front burner with hive inspections at no more than 10 day intervals.
Miss taking out a swarm cell and it is Sayonara to the field bees.
Bees have been building up nicely with everyone should have their second box on by now and many beekeepers in three deep hives have put on their third box.
The temperatures are quite warm most everyone should be able to remove the entrance reducers at this time. Leaving them in can help start swarming.
When the boxes that were drawing foundation are done being drawn or close to being drawn out, honey supers should be put on the hive. First year beekeepers who have been told they won't get honey their first year may be in for a surprise this year. Honey supers are put on two at a time. When a nectar flow starts, a hive can fill and cap a super in a little less than a week, if the flow is intense.
Overwintered colonies should have supers on now.
 I talked to a beekeeper who was surprised to have a super of honey already. I commented that he probably lives near a good stand of Black Locust trees and the bees are really bringing it home.
The main nectar flow looks like it is still out two weeks yet.  The farmers in the Stillwater area have just started cutting their first crop of hay. Two weeks later than normal. So Alfalfa should be blooming now. I have not seen any clover blooming yet. My Basswood trees have opened the seed pods and the flower heads are unopened at this time. I think around first week of July for the Basswoods to bloom.
With the delay of the nectar flow the bees have been able to build up stronger than a normal honey year. If the nectar is a decent one, there should be a bounty of honey for all.