This blog explains how I keep bees. It works for me, it might not work for you. Use my methods at your own risk. Always wear protective clothing and use a smoker when working bees.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

End of Season Deep and Medium Box Sale

  Assembled Deep Painted Boxes with 10 assembled frames with Yellow RiteCell foundation $45.00 each. Regular price $55.00. Save $10.00
  Assembled Medium Painted Boxes with 10 assembled frames with Yellow RiteCell foundation $43.00 each. Regular price $53.00 Save $10.00

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

bears are still active

This bear was seen near some beehives in the City of Grant. The beekeeper still had his fence charged so the bear did not have a feast. This happened on Dec 3rd.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Think about package bee strategy

 Beekeeping is all strategy. The question to ask yourself, how can I get my hives to peak population at the start of the nectar flow? If you have a few hives with drawn comb there are things you can do to get your hive strength to a higher level.
 Here is a different strategy for you. Say for example you have four empty hives and you want to start the hives with 2 lb package bees. I am saying to get five 2 lb packages and start them all in one deep, or in nuc boxes. Then when it is time to add the second box, around May 5th to May 10th, take that fifth package and split it evenly between the four packages, add the bees to the second box of the four packages. Put the queen from the fifth package in a five frame nuc box.with a frame of bees. This will get all the packages an increase in hive strength. The extra bees will give the queen more bees to cover the frames for more brood. There should be two cycles of brood emerging after adding the bees and the start of the nectar flow. This strategy should give you a bigger hive population earlier than normal. Everything is timing of having peak or near peak population at the time of the start of the nectar flow. Our problem is that the nectar flow can vary by a week to ten days, So swarm control must be practiced.
 Now the economics, the extra 2 lb package will cost you $120.00. You are splitting the package between four hives. So, $30.00 per hive. If the new packages produce an extra five frames of honey, that is about 20 pounds of honey. @ $3.00 per lb. That would be $60.00 per hive. Now this is more than you paid for the extra package. You will also have an extra queen that is worth $35.00 is available for you to use if you need one.
 There are many ways to keep bees. Using well thought out strategy's before a new season starts, should give you a more successful season.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Velcro Winter Covers

My supplier finally got back to me about the rest of my Velcro winter cover order.
 He shipped the covers on Monday. I hope to have them by Friday.
Eight frame and five frame nuc velcro winter covers.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Making Creamed Honey

This is the time of year I make creamed honey for holiday gifts.
 Making creamed honey is easy to do. The science of creamed honey is simply the granulation of honey. Honey that granulates on its own usually results in a coarse, grainy texture. To create a smooth creamed honey we need purchase creamed honey from the grocery store and follow a process.
  Creamed honey is granulated honey, that through this process, fine granulation crystals of the store bought creamed are stirred into the warm honey. As the honey sets up, the crystals of the creamed honey will be replicated and the result will be smooth and creamy honey that is a spread. .
 The process is to take honey that is clear of granulation and warm it up to 95 degrees.  Then, stir in a commercially made creamed honey from the grocery store. One pound of creamed honey to ten pounds of honey. I usually make the creamed honey in 30 lb batches. I use 4 pounds of creamed honey in a 30 lb batch. This assures that there is ample creamed honey crystal to make sure the batch will turn out properly. Cool down the honey quickly by putting it outside for a couple hours. Stir it again the next day, then bottle. Always bottle one plastic tub. This way you can tell when your creamed honey is properly set by squeezing the sides of the plastic container. When the container feels firm, the creamed honey is ready.
 I like making cinnamon creamed honey. I mix 1/8 cup of powdered cinnamon per 10 lbs of honey. I mix the powdered cinnamon in a bowl with the liquid honey. This gets the cinnamon wet with honey then I stir it in with the large batch of honey. The next day it is common to have the cinnamon float to the surface of the batch of creamed honey. I usually stir the batch again then bottle it. I move the bottled creamed honey outside to cool it off. Then I will do a rotation of bring it inside, then a few hours outside for a few days. This will help keep the cinnamon suspended in the honey and not as likely to rise to the top of the bottle.
 To be ready for holiday gifts the creamed honey should be made by December 1st. It can take 14 days to set up. There is timing involved this year. Christmas is on a Tuesday so there will be a four day weekend for most folks. That makes Friday, December 21st the last day for sharing your creamed honey with coworkers if that is your goal. So, don't dawdle on making the creamed honey.

Making Creamed Honey

Friday, November 23, 2018

9-18 Motorized Extractors Sale Price

We are taking orders for 9-18 motorized extractors $1025.00 cash or check only.
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