This blog explains how I keep bees. It works for me, it might not work for you. Use my methods at your own risk. Always wear protective clothing and use a smoker when working bees.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trying to finish up

Adding a feeder pail. If the hive isn't level I grab a stick to level out the pail.

I have been trying to finish up. I have fed some fumigilan treated syrup, The Apiguard is coming off in a couple of my bee yards.
The weather has been ideal for this.
I see colder weather on the horizon for next week. I know the bees have to be fed syrup in the next 3 days. Waiting to long the bees might not take it.
Not much else to do. The honey has been extracted, most of the bees medicated. I have two bee yards I couldn't treat with Apiguard. I was to busy to make it happen. I guess formic next spring will have to do.
Good news I have not seen the bear.