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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Put my supers on

 Put my supers on everything today. Hot in the bee suit. The bees did appear to be bringing in some nectar.
 There are some nectar producing plants blooming right now. I saw Birds Foot Trefoil and Clover blooming in the ditches. Someone told me that they saw some yellow sweet clover just starting to open up.
 If everything keeps moving forward like this the main nectar flow should start in around 10 days. The cold spell coming after this heat may slow it down some. But I think 80's will be back in a week or so.
Super ready to put on
I keep the supers wet from last year. The bees get rocking right away. There is no hesitation moving up into the supers, unless the hive has swarmed.
Supers on the hives. I did mow down the grass after I took this pic.

The Yellow flower is Birds Foot Trefoil. The Reddish white flower is clover

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