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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Photos by Paloma, Mites are in everyone's hive you can see the little red pests on the drone larvae

Hopguard is a miticide that comes from the Hops plant. Hops are used for making beer.
Hopguard can be applied when the honey supers are on. Hopguard is applied with cardboard strips. The strips come in a foil pouch that has the liquid miticide in the pouch. Each pouch has 50 strips. The directions on the label is a little confusing and has led to improper applications.
 The proper dosage is two strips per brood box. One brood box two strips, two brood boxes four strips, three brood boxes six strips. Treatment is over a three week period of time. The strips are put in for one week. Then another set for one week, then one more set of strips for the third week. This kills Varroa through a full 21 day brood cycle.
Read and follow the directions on the label.
A beekeeper that used hopguard and was befuddled by the label. A good explanation and his positive results. http://www.honeybeesuite.com/tag/hopguard/
Hopguard video