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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Proper Honey Location

I have got several e-mails from beekeepers not knowing where the honey should be located for winter.
 The top deep box should be 95% full of honey. If the hive has that it should be ok for winter stores. It is getting too late to feed now with the cooler weather moving in at the end of the week.
Some beekeepers did a reversal late into the nectar flow and moved the heaviest box to the bottom of the hive. Since that reversal, the nectar flow slowed to a trickle and the top box is light. If they fed and filled the top box they should be ok. If the top box is still light moving some honey frames around to the top box will help.
One last tip. Never, Never, Never leave a partially filled super or deep on top of a hive. Only full boxes on top. Bees move up in the winter, they do not move down. That is why the honey is on top. If a partially filled box is left on top the bees may move up into it. Then even though they have seven full frames in the lower box directly underneath them, they may deplete the honey in the top box and not move down to the other frames. Then they starve even with honey close by.