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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Minnesota State Fair

Honey at the fair. 
The dark honey is amber color, the reddish honey is light amber color all the rest of the honey in the picture is considered white honey.

The state fair is coming soon. This is the time for beekeepers to show their craft to the whole state of Minnesota.
 A honey entry into the fair helps promote the honey industry to the general public. The honey display at the Minnesota fair is one of the biggest fair displays in the United States.
 Entering the fair has made me a better beekeeper. The lessons learned in bottling honey for competition stays with me in my day to day bottling.
 The wide variety of categories to enter is easy for anyone to find something to enter.
Download the AgHortBee premium book:
Find the honey and bee section. The honey competition has an open class and a novice class. You do have to preregister by a certain date to participate. Entries can be made online.
Read the entry carefully and follow the description. This is competition so attention to detail is crucial.
Entering the fair is fun, your family and friends will want to come and see your entry and you may win $$$ and a ribbon.  It is a good marketing strategy to say that you have award winning honey. The best in the state.
As a beekeeper your entry will be helping the honey industry and help bring public awareness to the valuable things that honeybees provide.