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Thursday, May 6, 2010

My queen acceptance

I put in 25 Carniolan packages so far this season.
I checked them all for queen acceptance. I was 25 for 25.
One was on the fence. I put them in a week ago last Sunday. I did not see any eggs when I checked.
I looked again on Wed and she was laying up a storm. She was laying two eggs in many cells. This is normal when a queen starts laying. She should settle down by this Sunday and should be hitting all the cells on the frames.
Queen may take 10 - 12 days to start laying. This happened to several beekeepers this year who were concerned they were queenless. Most of the queens started laying after two - three more days in the colony.
Between the two loads of bees there was very little queen problems. Most being fly-aways. Out of 800 beekeepers maybe 20 had queen problems that needed a new queen due to the queen not being present after 12 days.